About Urdu

  • Urdu is a pan-Indian language and its speakers are widely dispersed in this sub continent. There are a glut of publishing houses that publish newspapers, periodicals, magazines, journals and textbooks in Urdu. Some of these are the largest selling periodicals. Besides this it also enjoys the status of a second official language in many states.
  • Bollywood – that churns out thousands of movies every year heavily rely on Urdu. Its dialogues are still written in chaste Urdu and the actors having poor accent of the language are asked to improve their recital skills. But unfortunately, since long it has been meted out step motherly treatment from the authorities and therefore lagged behind the other languages of this country.
  • Unlike Roman and Devnagri scripts which are character based, Urdu needed ligature based fonts which was till recently only a dream. Our teams of experts at Axis SoftMedia Inc. have successfully developed Ali Nastaliq – a character & ligature based Urdu Font and literally made the dream come true. It has pulled all the stops out to make Urdu publishing an easy affair. Gone are the days when one has to work hard to get a clean copy in Urdu. Now it’s just a keyboard away.
  • The publishing world has undergone a sea change during this period but, ironically, Perso-Arabic remained the untouched zone till the Axis steps in to revolutionize its publishing. We have digitized the Perso-Arabic scripts. A team of experts and researchers ceaselessly remain involved to develop novel means to make Perso-Arabic publication a painless affair.

Who We Are ?

  • Axis SoftMedia is a font-developing research-lab, based in Mumbai, India. It primarily works on developing fonts that have Perso-Arabic origin. This digital software company was established in 1992 to cater to the needs of the Perso-Arabic Publishing Market and the computing world. The company develops all fonts of InPage except Noori Nastaliq.
  • Axis SoftMedia is the first of its kind in the sub continent to develop such fonts. It also creates customized fonts besides other. If a publishing company seeks a particular font for its publication, Axis develops it.
  • It is the first company in India which has worked on Perso-Arabic fonts.

Syed Manzar Zaidi

Founder and CEO of Axis SoftMedia Inc.

Our Greatest Minds

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Jasim Husain
General Manager - Sales
Arif Anjum
Type Designer / Artist