ePress V1.0 Feature Spotlight

      ePress work with a wide range of newspapers including; national titles, regional titles and smaller niche titles. We have collaborated with renowned newspapers from across the India.

ePress enables you to replicate your print publication and integrate interactive features to further enrich the digital reading experience. Users will be able to access their favourite publication on-the-go, save and share articles of interest and browse an extensive archive library.


Whether it is a national, daily newspaper with over thousand subscribers or a weekly newspaper, ePress will enable you to bring your content to life and be viewed across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. ePress interface features improved performance and a whole host of exciting new features.

ePress V1.0 Demo Video

Publish your News Paper content across desktop, tablet and mobile…

Excellent text clarity

Display full archive and supplements

Easily scroll or swipe through pages


Utilise the tools within our digital publishing software to compose interactive content.

Enrich the reader experience

Optimised for device

Incorporate interactive functionality


Enhance your reader’s browsing experience by formatting your articles to display across all devices…

Designed for device

Include image galleries

Add social sharing options!


Generate more revenue from your ePaper by making use of our advertising options.

Integrate with Google DFP

Include banner ads, interstitials and more…

Make use of splash screens, loading logos and menus


Our ePress solution can be fully customized to match your brand identity, creating a familiar viewing experience for your readers.

The reader is full of features and innovative functionality offering your readers and enhanced user experience. You will have full control over all this functionality and customizable branding including everything from changing the background image, fonts, custom images, logos and much more.

Navigation Bar

Customize the header bar with your logo and company colors.

Reader Logos

All logos including fav-icons can be customized.

Splash Screen

Add branding and colors to your edition's loading screen.

Customizable Background

Upload a custom image or add a background color to your desktop edition.


Generate additional revenue from your ePress by utilizing our range of advanced advertising options.

Font Colors

Control the font colors across the entire reader.


Your ePress can be shared across the most popular social media sites to help increase page views. Readers will also be able to share specific pages or even articles via our Clippings Tool.


Our ePress software enables you to display an extensive archive, ordered by month or year, alongside your latest editions. Why not include your supplements or related content too?


ePress offers an extensive range of advertising solutions to help publishers increase digital revenue.

From banner ads to MPUs and interstitial there are a variety of advertising options available for you to generate additional revenue. You can also integrate your ePress with Google DFP for complete ad campaign management.

Analytics Result

Track page views, time per session, popular viewing times and much more by integrating your ePress with Google Analytics.

Article View

Article view offer you more ways to display your live content. Readers will be able to tap on articles within your app to view them in a pop-up window for a more convenient browsing experience. From here, they can swipe through articles, control text size and share individual articles. This is all managed via our Article View Management tool.

Optimized Reading Experience

ePress's Article View is an enhanced reader function that gives your readers an alternative way to view your content across desktop, tablet and mobile. Available within the ePress this enhancement allows the reader to view the content in an optimized 'pop up' Article View, making it easier for the reader to consume.

This view also allows users to seamlessly swipe through articles within your app, share content and adjust the text size. Tailored to each device, Article View provides users with a more engaging reading experience, cross platform.

Engaging Article Pop Ups

Our article view tool allows your readers to consume your content in an enhanced reading view across desktop, mobile and tablet. Readers will be able to tap on articles with in your ePress to view them in an optimized pop-up window for a more convenient browsing experience across every device. Once the article is open the reader can swipe through articles, control text size and share individual articles.

  • Optimized Reading Experience
  • Image Galleries
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Custom Options
  • Advertising Opportunities

If your edition is paid-for you will be able to manage your entire subscriber database via our portal. You’ll also be able to integrate your edition with third-party subscriber management software.

Implementing a subscription model is a great way for publishers to increase digital revenue within their apps and online editions.

We can integrate your solution with a wide variety of third-party subscription platform providers so that you can implement a solution that meets your internal strategy. You will be able to offer readers single edition payments, weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions as well as bundles and much more! Our subscription solutions enable you to easily manage your subscriber database whilst helping to increase customer retention, generate revenue and sustain print circulation.

By working with ePress we are able to share our extensive industry expertise and knowledge, helping advise publishers on a relevant subscription model for their target consumers.