Every font problem can’t be solved with an off-the-shelf solution. While it would be nice to have a ready-made font for every situation, this is often not the case. Axis has developed software to generate customized fonts.

What are custom fonts? It can be described as either modifications to an existing font or a completely new font designed for a particular use.
Who needs custom fonts? Typically, our customers fall into these categories:

  • Software companies with custom font needs for their products
  • Creative Professionals that need to convert fonts to a new platform
  • Publications undergoing a redesign
  • Enterprises seeking unique branding or corporate identity typefaces

Axis is well-known for its creative and technical expertise, and for our ability to manage projects to deliver on-time and within budget. We describe our custom font services as “the art and technology of type”.

The art of type is centered in our type design resources. Syed Manzar leads our type design efforts. Syed Manzar is a prolific Perso-Arabic type designer who has a rare typographic acumen that is reflected in his vast portfolio. Manzar’s work includes corporate identity typefaces for InPage retail fonts reflecting both modern fashion trends and historic revivals, and non-Latin type design (from Urdu, Arabic and Persian to Kashmiri, Hazargi, Sindhi, Saraiki and Pushto). Arif Anjum complement Manzar’s creative talents with their type Calligraphic expertise and typographic sensibility.
The technology of type reflects our knowledge of font formats, languages and scripts, platforms and environments, and the tools and techniques we deploy to build font software. We’ve built up a solid reputation for solving complex font problems ranging from tuning fonts for on-screen display to adding a wide range of non-Latin scripts for Unicode support. Our team helped create the Urdu TrueType fonts that revolutionized on-screen viewing on desktop computers. We were involved in the development of the fonts that are used in millions of mobile phones, PDAs and printers.
Every project for custom fonts and bespoke fonts is different. Because font software can be very complicated, our goal is to help our customers identify their requirements without burdening them with all the nuances and minutia of detail or terminology that can seem overwhelming. Just because we love tweaking ink traps, sharpening stems or talking among ourselves in TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms) doesn’t mean you need to learn a new language. Our customers love our ability to make complicated things simple. Give us a try next time you have a font problem.
Type is an essential part of the visual identity of a corporate brand. The right corporate branding fonts with the right typographic touch creates a powerful message to express the brand.
But getting the type right and then implementing it is never easy. Worse, the choice of branding corporate fonts may introduce licensing or technical issues that can impede the proper use of the brand. Axis SoftMedia can help companies ensure a successful corporate branding initiative by solving the following common font issues:
Font Licensing Issues
Fonts are software and require proper licensing which can be quite complex. There are a range of licensing terms from type designers and font software vendors that need to be understood. Even the decision to utilize a system font can bring licensing challenges if the corporation has a variety of computing platforms.
For a company with 200 workstations or more, the cost of developing a custom font is less expensive than licensing a retail font. Thus many large corporations choose to have custom typefaces designed, as this can be a cost effective way to control their typographic identity.
Type Design Issues
Most common typefaces originated in the days of phototypesetting and are intended for print publishing. Brands are now seen on devices ranging from mobile phones, personal computers, TVs, signage and digital output - thus typefaces need to be designed or adapted to work in these extreme conditions. Axis SoftMedia can create a custom font from scratch or obtain the rights to modify existing typefaces to meet your design and usage requirements.
Technical Issues
Common technical issues include incompatibility across Windows systems, unreadable screen display at small point sizes, and missing characters for languages used in the Urdu community or other parts of the world.
As technology changes so does font software. New font formats such as OpenType bring new capabilities and also challenges with respect to application software support and end user training. We can create fonts optimized for on-screen legibility and multilingual character sets for any platform.
How Axis SoftMedia Can Help
The Axis SoftMedia team is well-versed in all of these issues and can assist companies with the selection, development, implementation and management of a comprehensive program for corporate branding fonts. We’ve worked both with internal brand management teams and with design agencies to leverage our unique expertise.
Extending the Brand in the User Interface
Fonts are often underutilized as a strategic tool to reinforce brands at customer touch points. Devices with electronic screens, from ATMs to mobile phones, all present a valuable opportunity to ensure brand consistency by using the branding font in the User Interface (UI). Axis SoftMedia can engineer fonts that extend your brand into the UI.
Contact Axis SoftMedia to find out more about how we can help you leverage corporate branding fonts to make the most of your brand.
Axis SoftMedia is pleased to offer a variety of font licenses to meet the needs of our diverse base of customers.
Fonts sold on Axis SoftMedia's websites are licensed for use on personal computers.
The End User License Agreement (EULA) defines the number of personal computers that are permitted to use a font. This is typically 5 (five) workstations. The EULA defines how you can use the fonts, and restrictions of use.
Axis SoftMedia offers a variety of extended use licenses to meet the needs of its customers who want to use the fonts beyond the terms granted in the EULA:
Multi-Workstation Font License
When you purchase a font at the our shop page you can purchase a multi-workstation license for up to 200 computers. If you need more than that, just let us know the specific quantity of personal computers you desire a license for and we can provide you with a custom quote.
Enterprise-Wide Font License
Similar to Multi-Workstation Licenses, Axis SoftMedia can accommodate the needs of enterprises that require a global font license.
Contact Axis SoftMedia to inquire about an Enterprise-wide font license.
Application Server Font License
This allows the fonts to be installed onto servers for use with an application that is accessed by an unlimited number of users. Two options are offered:
- Internal Use (i.e. an Intranet within an entity)
- External Use (i.e. for Internet-based applications)
Our application server license is structured to make it affordable to add high quality fonts, and scales as you add more servers to support your application.
Contact Axis SoftMedia to inquire about an Application Server License.
Web Fonts License
This license allows fonts to be used on web servers for use in formatting web pages using the CSS @font-face.
Contact Axis SoftMedia to inquire about a Web Fonts license for your site.
Hardware & Software Developer Font License
Axis SoftMedia works with a variety of hardware and software developers who need to include fonts with their products. Axis SoftMedia can license an existing font or create a custom font for a developer's product.

Axis SoftMedia is proud of the countless projects it has undertaken for its clients over the years. On this page you will find examples of custom fonts and bespoke type design and font development work by the Axis SoftMedia team, including corporate identity, branding and custom type designs.

Custom Font FAQ

The Axis SoftMedia team understands that not every font problem can be solved with an off-the-shelf solution. While it would be nice to have a ready-made font for every situation, this is often not the case.

The process of developing a custom font or bespoke font starts with Axis SoftMedia working together with you to answer the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Typeface Design
  • Do you have an existing font that you want to start from, or will Axis create a new typeface design?
  • Is it a single font, or a family with numerous weights and styles?
  • What are the design criteria, what is the audience?
Character Set
  • In what countries will the font be used?
  • What languages and scripts need to be supported?
Font Formats/Operating System
  • What platforms will the fonts be deployed on: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix, Embedded?
  • What font formats: Bitmap? TrueType? OpenType?
Quality for On-Screen Display & Printing Output
  • What applications will the fonts be used in: Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, others?
  • What type of display technology will be used (CRT, LCD, etc.)?
  • Are there specific sizes that need to be tuned for readability?
Font Formats/Operating System
  • If AxisSoftMedia starts from an existing typeface do we need permission from the original type designer/foundry?
  • Is the font for your company’s internal use, or will you distribute it?
  • Do you want exclusivity on the custom design?

The above questions represent a sampling of the questions we ask to help define the scope of the project and determine the specifications from which we can provide a quotation.

To learn more about AxisSoftMedia’s custom font and bespoke font services or to enquire about your specific needs, please contact Axis SoftMedia.